Multitasking – a painful reality

Obraz przykrej rzeczywistości

Multitasking in practice

We live in the 21st century, we are constantly bombarded with type-like content. “Be productive”, “Efficiency above all”, “Multitask-uj – be multitasking”.

What a nonsense. Regardless of what level to consider human capabilities multitasking or multitasking taken from the scope of English-speaking words. From a practical point of view, it makes no sense.

We as humans are able to concentrate on one thought in one second. The ergonomics of our functioning ineffectively is the constant switching of our awareness between tasks. Any such activity, so-called “Switching” generates unnecessary time used for this activity itself.

Of course, in the era of a rapidly changing world, we should develop in ourselves the ability to react quickly and adapt to the ever-new conditions prevailing near us.

Let us not forget, however, about the block nature of our actions. One time block one action, the other time block the next action and so to the expected result.

Performing many activities at one time is a myth taken from the world of computers. Striving to improve efficiency, speed and higher results. In fact, multitaxing in the world of computers is also a fiction. One arithmetic and logic unit is able to process only one information at a time. The processor multitasking illusion is hidden in a multitude of logic units that perform calculations in a microprocessor system.

So dear, sensible plan rationally distributed over time and we can move mountains.

Doing many things at once in the so-called “same time” is the illusion of our consciousness.

Recently, I found out that people do not fly without the help of external devices, and landing without major injuries is not real if you are doing during that flight, yet another activity.

My multitasking ended with a slowdown for two weeks and quite a significant difficulty in my functioning.

I wish you many constructive and super-implemented plans. Step by step without major adventures 🙂

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