Who is Rafał

Hi, Hello, Nice to see You, or rather nice to write for you.

You wonder for the fungus that I create these scribbles. A little to feed your ego, materialize my years of experience in the world of technology, business and personal development.

My main goal is to infect you with a virus. A deadly microbe that will develop a hunger for knowledge and curiosity in the next paragraphs of the rafalwiegus.eu blog.

I would like to take you to the fascinating world of the digital world on board my blog. A world in which unlimited knowledge and possibilities are within reach of a click.

I could say a Renaissance man about myself, but there will be as much truth in it as lies. Because how we see ourselves is one thing, and how others see us the other.

If you would read my friends “who is Rafał?”, You would find out if you have a technical problem, call him. Any lightbulb, washing machine, radio everything that can work and it can break.

At some stage of my life it was quite frustrating pigeonholing. The IT industry and the creation of websites were among the most interesting. Which is also a limitation, because I’m generally interested in everything that can be programmed.

The biggest short-circuit in the perception of my person resulted in turning to the management and creation of business with elements of investments in currencies and commodities.

However, I quickly became convinced that the psychology of my family and friends is a really strong mechanism. So I came to the conclusion that learning “how a man works” will be the next appropriate step in the path of knowing the world. So it’s time for psychology.

I have not yet learned how my relatives work and whether or not everything is okay with them. I know, however, writing these words that this is a good place to share my experiences and information that I collect for years.

It’s a bit of a truth that I’m a strict mind.

I love all structures and logical harmony, which is not surprising that rafalwielgus.eu blog will also have one.

As you already know, the initial circle of my interests was electronics, computers from the hardware and software side, which is why the first block of this publication is the module which I named #CybreMonday. Yes, I am going to publish information on this matter every Monday.

I left Wednesday for my second horse, which is management, marketing, especially online marketing, and this block is not hard to guess I called #BiznesWetnestay

As you know, you will not create a table with two legs. In the same way Rafał’s blog must have a third topic.

We’ll talk about things like computers, the internet and information technologies on Monday. About creating value and business on Wednesday. And the corners of human functioning will be grounded in the #PsycheFriday block.

I can not wait for the next entries, so for the next reading ?