Entrepreneur is everyone – July begging # 1

Przedsiębiorcą jest każdy

Hello, it’s already half of the week, so it’s time for #BiznesWednesday.

The weather is good today. Summer is perceptible in the air, and ice cream makers will definitely notice the warming flow of money through company accounts.

I’ve been wondering how to start this cycle of my blog for a long time. What can be useful for you from such a large issue as entrepreneurship, running a company, and managing it.

At the outset, I will add that I do not have a financial education, and all my observations and analyzes are based on my own more or less nice experiences.

Do you want or are you entrepreneurs?

Starting the adventure with business, it was 2006. It was not possible to call it business. I was convinced that being an entrepreneur is full of happiness, no dependence on working hours. The ability to manage your own time and unlimited time to relax.

Of course life has brutally and costly verified my immature conviction. As a result, even a sentimental memory has not been left of that “business”. Because there is nothing to mention.

Fallen companies paid for valuable costs have left valuable knowledge. We are born entrepreneurs and we are dying. Do we want it or not?

Entrepreneurship is relationships. It is a network of connections and dependencies. It is a constant sale and striving to build ever new relationships that ensure positive material flow. Although not entirely, I agree that it is only material.

Children are ideal businessmen

Coming to the world. Taking the first breath and make out the first shout. We become entrepreneurs.

Every newborn child, although he automatically creates his own marketing. He is crying to signal that he is hungry, uncomfortable, or wet.

An involuntary mimic reflex, reminiscent of a smile, when a friend’s shadow of the closest person, mother, approaches his face. Informs it is ok, it’s cool that it is.

Over time, the business circle of the environment evolves and changes from impulsive to more mature and conscious. The child has already developed his personal marketing system. He can personally meet his needs and begin to establish wider relationships.

During the school period, he already knows that creating a personal brand. Commonly known as opinion. It has a significant impact on its functioning among peers. It is after this “opinion”, external assessment of the environment, that the child will receive social acceptance of peers or will be excluded from this community.

Simply, a young man must sell himself, his image in exchange for acceptance and understanding.

Adults – the more darker the forest is
When this man grows up and starts his professional career. The business complexity of life is complicated again. The time has come to look after the existential side of life. It’s not just about accepting and understanding the environment. You have to deal with the organization of other aspects of life. Such as cash, shelter, collapse, and health care and material resources in the store.

We go to work full-time and we become entrepreneurs in the full sense of the word. I exchange our time and skills that we acquired in the process of growing up on money.

Are we aware of it or do not want to be entrepreneurs. With this subtle difference in the case of full-time work, we delegate responsibility for a certain aspect of entrepreneurial life to the employer.

When we work full time, we do not worry about sales, customer acquisition (unless we work in the sales department), cash flow and cash resources for taxes, own payment, etc.

If we did not try and combine it, we still have to be enough entrepreneur to manage the remuneration to provide it for the cost of living, food, leisure, etc.

It is us, that is, the private company “I”, decide whether the company “Insert your first and last name” Company, will succeed or will have difficulties in life.


Whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur or maybe you are going to become an entrepreneur. Remember, you can not become someone you already are.

Thank you for the time spent reading this post. If the content on my blog is useful, leave a comment to you. Maybe you have some ideas, or you are struggling with some problems in your entrepreneurial life, leave the information in the commentary. I will try to help you as much as possible. Business is not an individual fight but a team game. This cliché of my time cost me a lot, that’s why this blog was created to reduce business costs for others.

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