Multitasking – a painful reality

Obraz przykrej rzeczywistości

Multitasking in practice We live in the 21st century, we are constantly bombarded with type-like content. “Be productive”, “Efficiency above all”, “Multitask-uj – be multitasking”. What a nonsense. Regardless of what level to consider human capabilities multitasking or multitasking taken from the scope of English-speaking words. From a practical point of view, it makes no […]

A tried and tested way to deal with the liquidity problem – July’s begging # 2

płynność fiansowa

When establishing a business, people were told that the balance of profits and losses is the basis for a healthy “business”. Welcome to the next #BusinessWednesday and the next consecutive July apprenticeship. You need an explanation. I created the July cycle when I started thinking about future entrepreneurs. If you want, you plan to create […]

SSL – what is it?

In the time of ubiquitous digitalization, where teenagers permanently use Facebook or YouTube. The subject of security and privacy is being raised more and more frequently. Is the situation when our browsers persistently record any activity on the web. Can we talk about privacy? I would not like to analyze, in terms of this entry, […]